Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Co. Ltd wishes to advise all users of the dedicated cargo vessel,  the Warrior Spirit, that the vessel will be taken out of service from 2011 September 03 to 18, in order to undergo its statutory drydocking programme.  This vessel will resume its normal operations on 2011, September 19.

To assist with the transport of cargo during the period of the dry docking, The T&T Spirit will transport trucks loaded with foodstuff and dry goods, with weights not exceeding 5 tonnes, on Mondays – Thursdays, during the weeks of the drydocking.

The T&T Spirit will, therefore, sail as follows:


Mondays, Tuesdays &  Thursday:

From POS                           From Scarborough
4:00pm                                    6:30pm


Wednesdays :

From POS                           From Scarborough
12.00 noon                          6.30 am

The T&T Express which will not be transporting the heavy trucks will depart POS daily at 8.30 am and Scarborough at 4.00 pm.
TTIT regrets any inconvenience caused by the changes in the schedule.  These changes have been effected to facilitate the vessel’s statutory requirements, which are necessary to ensure its optimum performance and the safety of all passengers, vehicles and personnel during its normal operations.