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Early Morning Earthquake rocks Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

Early Morning Earthquake rocks Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

NEWS GRAPHIC 10Citizens throughout several parts of Trinidad and Venezuela reported feeling the earth shake early this morning.

A post to the face book page of the UWI Seismic Research Center confirmed that there was an earth quake today.

The post stated that the5.7 quake occurred at 8:22am.

It occurred at Latitude: 10.79N and Longitude: 62.45W at a Depth: 10 km, 87 km E of Carúpano, Venezuela, 105 km W of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and 125 km NW of San Fernando.

Another post sought to explain why two quakes were felt.

It stated that there are several seismic waves associated with earthquakes but two main ones which were P (primary) and S (secondary) waves.

It said that P waves traveled faster and could move through the rock, liquid and gas within the earth.

It revealed that they were typically the first waves to be recorded at seismic stations.

S waves it said were slower, and caused the rock along its path to vibrate in a perpendicular or ‘up and down’ motion which could cause more damage.

These waves could only travel through rock.

The difference in the arrival time of these two waves explains why some people may have felt two consecutive ‘shakes’ for the same earthquake today.