mastHeaderThe University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre says at 10:10pm local time, an earthquake occurred North of the Paria Peninsula Trinidad.

The event was located at 10.86°N 62.12°W. The magnitude was 6.4 and depth 60km.

Almost immediately social media lit up, with people sharing their experiences following the shake which lasted for a lengthy period and occurred during the local government campaign meetings of the United National Congress in Debe, the Movement for Social Justice in Point Fortin and the Independent Liberal Party in Princes Town.

The earthquake was strong enough to cause disruption of the electricity supply, with T&TEC reporting issues at its sub stations in Carenage, Pt. Cumana and Santa Flora.

There were also reports of pictures becoming dislodged from walls, and objects toppling from cupboards and cabinets. However, so far there has been no immediate report of major damages.

Meantime, despite speculation of a tsunami being triggered, no tsunami warning has been issued.