Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia, is assuring the country that there is no challenge with respect to the placement of students who sat the Secondary Entrance Assessment.

He gave the response after being questioned on the issue by former Education Minister and Member of Parliament for Caroni East, Tim Gopeesingh.

Given the impending release of SEA examination results and the position adopted by the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Private Secondary Schools to cease accommodating students, Minister Garcia was asked to highlight the Ministry’s alternative plans for students who may be displaced.

Meanwhile, President of the Private Secondary Schools Association, Leslie Hislop, is defending its decision to have the tuition fees for students increased from twelve hundred to five thousand dollars.

Speaking on the State of the Nation Programme on Power 102.1fm this afternoon Mr Hislop argued that the private schools can no longer operate on the current fee structure.

He claimed that a detailed assessment of the situation would see the figures reach in the vicinity of about seven thousand dollars.

Mr. Hislop also took issue with the stipend comment made by the Minister of Education in relation to this development.