Education Minister, Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, says he has received a report on the alleged assault on Tunapuna Hindu School Principal, Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga by a security guard at the institution.

Mrs. Gajadharsingh-Nanga claims that on Friday last she noticed pictures of her with an X on her face plastered on the walls of the upper floor of the school.

She said that when she pulled out a camera to take photos of the pictures, a security guard at the school attempted to wrestle the camera away from her in full view of students.

Speaking to members of the media at the Belmont Boys Secondary School following a visit by the Earl and Countess of Wessex yesterday, Dr. Gopeesingh said the report was in the hands of his permanent Secretary.

The Education Minister noted that, in the case of denominational schools, it is the school board that oversees the hiring of security personnel.