Education Minister Anthony Garcia is denying reports that the Ministry of Education has ordered the Arima Hindu Primary School close and intends to have the school relocate.

He gave the assurance at a town hall meeting held at the school on Monday.

Speaking to parents and teachers, Minister Garcia addressed the claims which he said were outright false.

The Education Minister admitted, however, that the situation at the school is not ideal.

Concerns were raised by parents and teachers following a recent shooting near the school.

Following the shooting, the suspects reportedly escaped by running through part of the school compound.

Minister Garcia noted that the Ministry cannot take action by itself as the school is owned by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Saba.

He urged for a collaborative approach as he pointed out that the Ministry was evaluating all options so as to ensure that the students receive the best possible education.


“TTPS Will Ensure Safety”

Acting Superintendent of the Arima Police Station Neil Brandon John has assured parents, students and teachers that the TTPS will do everything to ensure their safety.

He made the comments at the Town Hall meeting.

The TTPS official emphasized that the school was never the target of the shooting but acknowledged that it is located in a troublesome area.

This he says has posed some challenges but he vowed to take action to ensure the safety of everyone on the compound.