Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh



The Ministry of Education takes note of a report published in today’s Express newspapers
(Saturday March 3, 2012) headlined ‘Call Me Shashi’ and carrying the by-line of
political editor Ria Taitt.

The said article contains the following information:

‘The Express has been reliably informed that Ramnarine is employed at the Ministry of
Education,” referring to the former Director of the Strategic Services Agency,
Reshmi Ramnarine.

The Ministry of Education wishes to state categorically that this information as reported by
the Express newspapers is patently false.

The Ministry of Education wishes to state that Reshmi Ramnarine, nor Shashi Rekha, which is
purported to be the same person, has NEVER been employed by the Ministry of
Education and is currently NOT employed by this Ministry via contract or in any
other form.

The Ministry of Education finds it very disturbing that the Express saw if fit to publish
this blatantly false information without even attempting to verify the accuracy
of the said information, as is the basic tenet of responsible journalism.