There has been an assurance from Minister of Education Anthony Garcia that everything is being done to ensure that Maxi Taxi operators contracted by the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) are paid by the end of the week.

The Minister has been quoted as saying that the Ministry is not to blame for the late payment since invoices for the drivers were only submitted by the PTSC on April 20th.

However, there are claims that the delay was due to the PTSC being asked by the Ministry to verify the drivers’ claims.

Minister Garcia has maintained that the Ministry is focused on ensuring that ensure claims made are in accordance with the work done. This includes checking that the number of trips made and the number of students transported is in accordance with the claims that have been made, he explained.

In an attempt to pre-empt a planned shutdown by the Maxi Taxi Operators, Education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday said every effort is being made to ensure they are paid.

Garcia said after finding a $1.7 million discrepancy in payments for October, November and December 2017, the Ministry is taking no chances.