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Eight Venezuelans busted for cocaine.

Eight Venezuelans are expected to appear in a Trinidad court on Thursday, after being busted by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard on Saturday, having in their possession, cocaine valued at an estimated $39.4 million.

The men were held after their pirogue was intercepted off the North Coast.

The bust represents the second largest cocaine haul since August 2005 when the Coast Guard seized 1,749.09kg of cocaine worth an estimated $750 million in a house on Monos Island.

Saturday’s interception took place at around 1am while coast guard officials were on routine patrol. It is reported that the operator of the pirogue attempted to speed off when the Coast Guard boat was spotted.

The Coast Guard was however able to intercept the pirogue and the eight men on board were detained. Officers also found three crocus bags containing 84 packets of cocaine.