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Elderly pensioner tries to save wife in a fire.

Elderly pensioner tries to save wife in a fire.

FireAn 82 year old pensioner is being hailed a hero for trying to save his 74 year old wife’s life, who unfortunately perished in a fire last evening.

According to reports Jean Mc Leod who has been bedridden for the past 14 years at her Sixth Company, New Grant home after surviving a stroke, was unable to escape the blaze which destroyed the couple’s car maintenance garage at the front of the house and several cars which was parked for repairs.

Mc Leod’s husband Hector tried to save his wife’s life while in the house but was unable to get to her in time in the bedroom.

Eye witness reported that he had to be pulled through a window by neighbours before the house was gutted flat to the ground.

Hector McLeod suffered serious burns to his head, ears and back and remains warded in satisfactory condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Nursing burns about his body Mc Leod was able to drive a van out of the yard to avoid it being damage in the fire.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined – however investigators have not ruled out that it might be due to an electrical fault