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EMA Concludes Investigation into Disturbed Subsea Pipeline.

EMA Concludes Investigation into Disturbed Subsea Pipeline.

The Environmental Management Authority says it has concluded its investigation into the disturbed subsea pipeline in the Pt. Lisas Bay area.

In a release, the EMA says the pipeline constructed, which is used by Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited (PLNL), to discharge seawater effluent, was found to be dislodged from its original laydown position by DeNovo Energy.

It adds that DeNovo Energy is carrying-out trenching works in the Pt. Lisas Bay in preparation for the installation of a subsea natural gas pipeline.

The EMA added that its investigation concluded that no environmental breaches have occurred.

The investigation also concluded that owing to natural forces at the seabed, the pipeline has overtime, moved off its original laydown position, intersecting with the approved trenching route of DeNovo Energy.

The EMA says it will continue to monitor this project and reminds the public that they can continue to provide information on any potential environmental emergencies via phone at 680-9588 or email via [email protected]