EMAThe Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has revealed the existence of a sheen, possibly from an oil leak, in the Gulf of Paria.

In a release, the EMA said around 3 pm on Wednesday, it was informed of a sheen within the Brighton Marine Sun Area “B” Block operated by Trinity Exploration and Production Limited (TEPL).

The EMA said the Certificate of Environmental Clearance (4557/2015) was issued by the Authority in May 2016 to decommission well #ABM 37.

“While decommissioning of the well #ABM 37 has not commenced, the EMA has been notified by TEPL that Petrotrin is assisting TEPL in the decommissioning exercise and have commenced seabed surveys,” the EMA said.

The EMA said it has notified several responder agencies namely, the Air Guard, Coast Guard, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) and the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industrie and the EMA’s Emergency Response and Investigations Unit will be conducting a joint aerial helicopter survey today, Thursday, July 28, to make an initial assessment of the reported sheen.

The EMA did not link the discovery to the dead fish that has surfaced along the Mosquito Creek and Otaheite shorelines in South Trinidad.