Angostura_0The Environmental Management Authority is today continuing preliminary investigations on Angostura Limited.

They will determine whether or not any breaches of the environmental regulations have occurred at the compound.

Preliminary investigations have confirmed that a strong stench has been emanating from the compound.

Beetham residents on Tuesday staged a protest to highlight their displeasure with the unbearable scent coming from the compound.

The EMA has revealed that it has communicated with the Company to identify the origin of the stench and whether it poses any immediate health or safety risks to the residents.

Air quality tests carried out have so far not detected any hazardous gases, toxic or flammable materials despite the odor coming from Angostura.

The EMA intends to make an assessment of the necessary remedial actions to get rid of the smell.

It has also promised to closely monitor the situation and provide relevant updates as they become available.