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Energy Minister cites the need for strong leadership in improving Petrotrin’s efficiency

Energy Minister Franklin Khan has noted the need for strong leadership, competent management, greater efficiency and productivity as some of the factors to turn around state owned oil company Petrotrin.

Minister Khan is also of the view that the state entity must apply modern science and technology and the injection of substantial capital to improve its performance.

He made these points during a meeting held today between a team of officials from the Energy Ministry and representatives of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union led by President General Ancil Roget to further discuss matters pertaining to Petrotrin.

A media release by the Ministry revealed that while the OWTU President General was in support of these broad areas, he noted that there is great potential at Petrotrin and it can be fixed in the general interest of the people of the country through further dialogue.

Minister Khan also thanked Mr Roget and his team for agreeing to meet and their promise to work together to ensure Petrotrin’s long-term sustainability and profitability.