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Environment Minister announces two year moratorium on hunting…

Ganga Singh1

Environment and Water Resources Minister, Ganga Singh

Government is moving ahead with its proposal to have a two year moratorium on hunting in the country, which will take effect from next month.

Environment and Water Resources Minister, Ganga Singh, says the government will adopt an integrated approach to the conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife species in this country.

Speaking at the weekly post cabinet news briefing at the Prime Minister’s St Clair Office on Thursday, Minister Singh said there will be a review and amendment of the existing National Wildlife Policy, to ensure the sustainable management of wildlife resources.

He noted there has been increasing opposition from various stakeholders with regards to stringent measures being proposed by the Ministry for an immediate intervention into the depleting wildlife populations. Hunting

However, Minister Singh yesterday revealed statics of the number of animals, specifically the agouti, that were removed from the forest over a three year period.

He said during the moratorium a survey will be done to get more details relating to the wildlife population.

Minister Singh added there will be an increase in illegal hunting fines.