As tough as it’s been for Trinbagonians the world over, to deal with being indoors for as long we’ve all been asked to, there’s suddenly an upside to it all. Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Erphaan Alves has amped up spirits with the release of a brand new single, and while the video for it is pretty unconventional, nobody can deny that it’s pure genius.

The artist who launched his “No Seasons’ project last year, is maintaining his stance against the seasonal approach usually applied to the genre, by DJs and even artistes. He made it abundantly clear back then that he would be releasing new soca music around the clock, putting his money where his mouth is and defending the art form. He has not failed to deliver.

Alves’ latest release is called ‘Hold On’, a track aptly titled, considering all that the world’s battling at this time. The song has already amassed over 10,000 views on YouTube, having been posted just 17 hours ago.

In the video, a number of cameos are made by regular folks who are practicing social distancing around the world. It’s a breath of fresh air, to say the least, considering that most soca videos often come complete with near naked bodies and their fair share of sexually charged dance moves. You be the judge though! Let us know how this makes you feel, amid the world’s ongoing fight against the spread of COVID-19.