The world is nowhere close to being normal even some three months after panic set in worldwide, over the Covid-19 Pandemic. While some economies are attempting to restart their operations, the truth is that without a vaccine, the possibility of contracting the illness remains clear and present. In the US, warnings of a possible resurgence of the pandemic, have been consistent. Despite this, many states have reopened and much the same, here in Trinidad and Tobago, some businesses are operating with plans to further operationalise as the weeks progress. Amid these plans however, some business owners are being smart. They’re reinventing their modules and retraining staff to accommodate the needs of customers in these times, and it’s working for them.

With beaches closed until further notice, businesses along the North Coast in Trinidad have been quiet. The usual long lines at the Bake n Shark huts are non existent and with that, financial strain has undoubtedly set in for some. With what is undoubtedly the longest running operation at Maracas Bay, the team at Uncle Sam and Son’s Bake and Shark have made the move to offer their customers what they believe, is the best option in these times. They’ve rebooted their operation with the Grab n Go option, encouraging customers to place their orders either by calling their hotline or by sending a Whatsapp message to 344-3552, and it’s been working well.

All of the tasty condiments usually available at the beachside restaurant, are now, pre-packages for pick up and go.

With an effective social media presence, Uncle Sam and Son’s at Maracas Bay have shown tremendous resourcefulness in these times. They’ve also been encouraging safety, prioritising the precausionary measures put in place by government officials in Trinidad and Tobago, on their social media pages and in all advertising. The Uncle Sam and Son’s Grab n Go package is a sight to behold too, as nothing is left out for customers picking up their orders. Each pre-packaged order comes complete with all the sauces normally enjoyed, inclusive of Garlic, Tambarin, Honey Mustard and Chadon Beni.

Reinvention is only possible with proper analysis of market needs. In Trinidad and Tobago, the beach is life. This period of lock-down for many who consider a quick beach run, complete with a tasty Bake n Shark from Uncle Sam and Son’s, their inherent right, the order to stay away from the beach altogether, has been a tough adjustment. Thankfully, for many, Uncle Sam and Son’s has made it a little easier, even if dining-in and sitting near the beach, has been barred for now.

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