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Ewatski finally speaks

Acting Commissioner of Police Jack Ewatski says when he went flying with Daniel Condon, one of the directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Company, it was for pleasure, not business.

His statement comes in relation to the controversy surrounding the Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Company being awarded a contract on December 29, 2011, for $900,772 to provide a light sport aircraft for security surveillance as a pilot project for 720 hours over a three-month period.

In the statement released by the TTPS on Tuesday Mr. Ewatski said “Regarding statements made about him  participating in a “test flight” of the company’s aircraft…the facts are that he is a holder of a Canadian aviation private pilot’s licence and have been for 12 years.

He said flying has been a hobby of his and he intended to pursue this hobby while living in Trinidad and Tobago.

And in order to meet currency requirements, on June 12, 2011, he completed a check flight with a certified flight instructor, Mr Dan Condon, at his personal expense, using a privately owned aircraft which Mr Condon had authority to use.

Mr. Ewatski said his interaction with Mr Condon was solely for the above stated purpose, and was in no way connected to any other actions.