Seon Paul

Nine year old Seon Paul

Autopsy reports on the body of nine year old Seon Paul have revealed that the child was not executed as theorized, but was in fact killed by a stray bullet.

The autopsy was completed yesterday by forensic Pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St. James.
Paul, a resident of Byron Street, La Romain, was shot once. The bullet is said to have entered and exited his left arm before re-entering the right side of his chest.

Alexandrov said the bullet pierced the boy’s lung and heart before exiting through the right side.

He said given the circumstances of the shooting and the angle in which the boy was shot at, the shooting could not be classified as an execution style shooting.

Whether medical assistance came sooner, Alexandrov said his injuries were non survival as Paul had lost a lot of blood, which in turn flooded his chest cavity quickly.

Paul, a Standard Two pupil of the La Romain RC School and his 13-year-old cousin Kenika Smalls were walking along the Southern Main Road at around 9 pm on Friday when gunshots rang out. Smalls said she ran to escape the line of fire and later found Paul bleeding on the roadway. He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died an hour later.

Investigations are continuing.