No hard feelings!

That’s how the leadership of Republic Bank Exodus Steel Orchestra sums up the band’s relations with the Pan Trinbago executive after the high court ruling which allows the band to switch selections, going into the panorama finals this coming Saturday.

In a ruling late on Thursday, Justice Kevin Ramcharan held that the band should be allowed to make the change to its selection. This had the effect of overturning a ruling by Pan Trinbago in the matter.

Speaking with News Power on Monday, Exodus manager, Ainsworth Mohammed said the mood in the band is lively and the matter is now behind them.

Questioned as to whether he or the band held a grudge after the matter, he said no.


Meanwhile, Pan Trinbago’s President, Beverly Ramsey-Moore is warning that allowing bands to change their song could have unintended consequences and affect the steel pan fraternity as a whole.

She told News Power that Pan Trinbago still believes that bands should only be allowed 1 song.

Nonetheless, she assured that the controversial rule is set to be brought before the membership for consideration in advance of Panorama 2020.

She warned however that all steelbands should think carefully about this before they decide on this matter as it can have an effect on smaller unsponsored bands.


However, Mr Mohamed countered her argument saying that the proposed rule change will stifle creativity in the competition.