The Ministry of Finance says in order to complete the Valuation Roll process in a timely fashion; it has hired 248 individuals in the categories of Field Assessment, Information technology and Business Operations.

It explains that these positions were advertised both in the daily newspapers and on the Ministry of Finance’s website.

The Ministry noted that it short listed, interviewed and hired qualified candidates.

In a media release the Ministry added that with respect to calls to households by the Valuation Division, members of the public are advised that only those who have submitted their contact information to the Valuation Division will be contacted.

To verify the authenticity of any communication initiated by members of the Valuation Division, household members should request the name of the employee and the corresponding Identification number during conversations.

The statement said in response, the representative will provide the date of the visit and the Officers’ names in advance.

All Valuation Officers must present picture identification upon arrival.

Additionally, Valuation Division representatives are able to respond to requests for authentication with the householders’ unique reference ID once an address has been provided.