Former Vice President of the Senate and Opposition Senator, Lyndira Oudit, says weaknesses in various government ministries, agencies and state enterprises have been exploited by persons who engage in corrupt activities.

She made the comment during the In Focus Programme on Power 102FM on Wednesday afternoon, on the issue of Integrity in Public Life, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ms. Oudit added that this development can be corrected with better accounting, auditing and transparency measures.

Former Independent Senator Gail Merhere suggested during this discussion that there should be closer monitoring of the process used for choosing persons to serve in public office.

Meanwhile, another independent Senator, Coordinator of the Caribbean Center for Human Rights, Diana Mahabir Wyatt sought to clear the air on the difference between morality and ethics.

Another panelist in this segment was former Deputy Political Leader of the National Joint Action Committee and this country’s former High Commissioner to Nigeria, Nyahuma Obika.

He said the ruling administration has not delivered on promises during its election campaign with respect to tackling corruption.