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EYE ON THE BUDGET: Here’s What Entertainer Shurwayne Winchester REALLY Thinks About This Damn Budget.

EYE ON THE BUDGET:  Here’s What Entertainer Shurwayne Winchester REALLY Thinks About This Damn Budget.

Soca artist, Shurwayne Winchester

The upcoming carnival season could see some radical effects of the 2017/2018 fiscal budget. With Carnival Monday and Tuesday scheduled for February 12th and 13th and the first big carnival all-inclusive fete, Soca in Moka already scheduled for News Year’s Day- January 1st, Tobago born artist, Shurwayne Winchester says he’s watching the economic fallouts that could impact society and to a lesser extent, carnival, after this year’s budget is read by the Finance Minister.

Shurwayne, like many other entertainers in this country relies heavily on the mercy of event promoters both locally and abroad, to maintain his living. He says his family in Tobago has been affected by all that has been happening in Tobago in the past few months and adds, any increases to the cost of living would certainly put added pressure on the shoulders of Tobagonians.

Power Digital spoke with the artiste pre-budget and we learnt that Shurwayne’s readying himself for any eventuality. He advised his fellow citizens to do the same.




  1. Things are likely to increase. Ideally we should strive to have 6 months of savings put aside but we know that’s unrealistic for many people. It’s time for all of us to really watch how we are spending, what we are spending on, ask ourselves if we really need some of the things we’re spending on, before making the decision o purchase.


  1. If after you’ve paid your necessary bills you have $1000 for yourself, try to take a little out of that and add it to your savings.


  1. Be patient and allow the process to take effect. It will take about a month or two before you settle into any new system of economic adjustment you may make, before you get accustomed to it. Avoid becoming frustrated. Focus on your plan and do what is necessary for you and your family to make it through.



He said as an entertainer, the stark reality is that promoters rely heavily on sponsors to assist with their events and as such, when sponsors are forced to plug their financial spend for Carnival, there’s a ripple effect that hurts every artist- big and small, in the industry. “Everyone is affected. It doesn’t matter who you are,” he said. “If you look at the amount of things patrons used to receive when they went to all-inclusive fetes a few years ago, as compared to what they’ve been receiving in recent years, you will see that there have been cutbacks,” he highlighted, pointing to the economic constraints that have been presenting itself.

Shurwayne says his ears will be peeled to Finance Minister, Colm Imbert’s presentation in the parliament this afternoon and hopes citizens aren’t caught off guard in the aftermath.