The Ministry of Works will today commission two new water pumps it feels will aid in the quick run off of floodwater in the downtown Port-of-Spain area. This was revealed yesterday by Works Minister, Rohan Sinanan.

Minister Sinanan yesterday told the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives that in 2016/2017, the International Development Bank had failed a flood alleviation study conducted, this after some of the US$135 million loan had been used to pay salaries to staff members tasked with conducting the study. That project was essentially cancelled, he revealed.

Woks Minister, Rohan Sinanan

Minister Sinanan explained that The Ministry of Works is now working with the Andean Development Bank to get a grant to create a new programme. Some $2 million listed in the 2020 fiscal budget as recurrent expenditure for flood alleviation and drainage, was just part of the money expended for the failed study from 2013-2016.

“The study failed because after it was presented, the IDB indicated that study and proposal would not solve the problem of flooding in down town Port of Spain.” 

Minister Rohan Sinanan

The Works Minister yesterday told the committee that the Ministry of works has cleaned all underground drains in Port- of- Spain, in the interim.