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Family and friends say goodbye to “Hero Mom” Denyse Seepersad-Joseph today…

Denyse Seepersad-Joseph

Mother of four,Denyse Seepersad-Joseph

39 year old Denyse Seepersad-Joseph, who was knocked down and killed by a yellow Nissan Laurel outside her relatives’ home on Independence Day will be laid to rest Wednesday afternoon.

The funeral service begins at 3:30 PM at the Mount Elvin Baptist Church, Hindustan Road, New Grant.

Family members says her four children; 13 year old Jason,  none year old Charissa, six year old Ana, and four year old Abigail have been unable to cope with losing their mother, who has dedicated her life to caring for them.

Seepersad-Joseph was helping little Abigail out of her car when she saw the approaching car and threw the little girl out of her arms to safety.

She died from severe head injuries.