Relatives and friends of two kidnapped fishermen continue to be hopeful despite the fact that they are yet to return home.

According to reports, Cedros fishermen 52-year-old Awardnath Hajarie, his 26-year-old son Nicholas Hajarie and 35-year-old friend Shami Seepersad did not return home yesterday as expected.

Video footage showed the fishermen being forced out of their pirogue and into another by Spanish-speaking men off the coast of Cedros.

With guns pointing at them, the Spanish-speaking men forced the three onto their pirogue and sped away. The incident occurred at Soldado rock, which is about seven miles from the coast of the Venezuelan mainland.

It is believed that the armed foreigners are members of Venezuela’s Guardia Nacional.

Reports indicate that Sankar was able to make contact with his in-laws in Venezuela and arrangements were being made for the three men to return to the island.