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Family of Slain Robocop Attacker Say They Have No Fear of Reprisal Attacks.

Family of Slain Robocop Attacker Say They Have No Fear of Reprisal Attacks.

indexRelatives of the man who wore a wig to approach Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis and kill him say that they are not in fear of any reprisals that may come their way.

Paul Sharpe, the older brother of Thomas “Hamza” Sharpe told the media yesterday at the Forensic Sciences Center that the family was not fearful of any reprisals that may come from his murder.

He described his brother as a god man who did not like advantageous persons.

Sharpe added that his brother and Alexis once had an altercation and his brother hit Alexis with a shovel, but outside of that he had no idea how their relationship had reached to such a violent point.

Sharpe, dressed in a black wig, had initially walked onto the compound to talk to Alexis, who recognised him. But soon after, a number of reputed Unruly Isis members pulled up in a silver Nissan Almera and opened fire. Alexis shoved his granddaughter into a nearby vehicle and it was then he realised Sharpe was one of the attackers. The two men struggled and Alexis was shot but he also managed to shoot Sharpe. Escayg, who was also close friends with Alexis, was shot trying to shield his son from the bullets of the other men.

Police said yesterday that Scott was shot in the left side of his abdomen and the bullet exited the right side, damaging his intestines. Scott remained at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, in a serious condition yesterday. The killing of the three men took the murder toll to 246 for the year compared to 221 last year.