According to an article in the Barbados Today newspaper, Soca artiste, Farmer Nappy’s song “Hookin Meh” glorifies possessive and obsessive tendencies in men and confuses them with markers of love. 

The article states that in relationships there are warning signs of toxic unions and this behaviour which should not be tolerated or encouraged.

It adds that society should not put a stamp of approval on these types of songs as it defeats the purpose of protecting women and sends confusing messages to men.

Speaking in his defense, in an interview on sister frequency Boom Champions 94.1fm, Farmer Nappy told e news coreespondent, Melissa Chase that the message of the video has been misunderstood.

Farmer was captured holding kitchen utensils while begging his spouse to take him back. This, he said was not to be taken as an attack on women, but rather, a portrayal of his bad table manners, while eating.

Meanwhile, Farmer Nappy, whose real name is Darryl Henry, is also advising men who were also placed in similar predicaments situation to simply leave as requested and avoid confusion and conflict.

WRITER: Melissa Stanisclaus Chase