Sheraz 3 Farmers have come to an agreement with the government on the issue of farmlands that were bulldozed by the Housing development Corporation at Egypt Village and D’Abadie last week.

Last evening the farmers met with Food Production Minister Vasant Bharath, Housing Minister Dr. Roodal Moonilal and Legal Affairs Minister Prakash Ramadhar.

After the meeting President of the Sheep and Goat Farmers Association, Sheraz Khan, told the media the farmers had agreed to accept compensation and relocation offers made by the government.

Mr. Khan stressed that, even though all of their demands had not been met in the discussions, they were happy that more was achieved this time as opposed to when a similar meeting was held last week.

Mr. Khan said that soon the famers would also be coming up with an agreement to ensure that further bulldozing does not take place.

Meantime, government Ministers will be touring lands at Egypt Trace and Orange Grove with the farmers this coming Saturday.