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Farmers Receive licenses to Legitimately Occupy Lands.

Farmers Receive licenses to Legitimately Occupy Lands.

Forty-four farmers now have a ‘license’ to legitimately and productively farm lands.

On Wednesday the License Distribution for the farmers in Mora Allotment, Sahadeen Trace, Sangre Grande, took place.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries said the ceremony saw the forty-four farmers and families signing and receiving the legal document, referred to as a State Lands Agricultural License, granted for agricultural purposes for a period of ten years.

In his address, Agriculture Minister, Clarence Rambharat, outlined the history behind the long struggle of the farmers to attain security of tenure.
The Minister however noted that there are some steps to be taken by the Ministry to make this a reality, inclusive of acquiring Cabinet approval for the reclassification of the land currently classified as a forest reserve.

Upon receipt of this approval, the next step allows for the granting of the 30-year leases for the land.