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Farmers want the Food Production Minister removed from office…

Minister of Food Production,Devant Maharaj

Minister of Food Production, Devant Maharaj

On Monday farmers gathered at Woodford Square in Port of Spain to highlight their concerns regarding alleged work stoppage of key agricultural projects.

They also called for the removal of  the Food Production Minister from office.

Dhano Sookoo, President of the Agriculture Society of Trinidad and Tobago, in an interview said farmers are fed up with the minister, and want several challenges facing the sector addressed immediately.

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In response to the farmers call, Food Production Minister, Devant Maharaj, told News Power Now that their protest against him is an attempt to overshadow moves taken by his Ministry to probe alleged financial wrong doing in the association.

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Questioned on his performance thus far as Minister of Food Production, Maharaj insisted the Ministry has made strides in critical areas relating to the nation’s food security.

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