Enterprise resident Abdul Wakeel aka Krysis, claims that police are targeting Enterprise residents.

He made the claim following Thursday’s shooting death of Allan Muhammad by police officers.

According to reports, officers attempted to intercept a speeding black Hyundai Tucson along Crown trace Enterprise.

They claim that upon stopping the vehicle, the occupant pointed a sub-machine gun in their direction.

Officers said then engaged the occupant in accordance with the TTPS’ Use of Force Policy.

The suspect was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he subsequently died.

In a television interview Wakeel accused the police on unfairly targeting members of the community.

He is calling on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to meet with them and hear their concerns.


Residents Concerned

Speaking with News Power, Head of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah, echoed the call for Commissioner Griffith to meet with Enterprise residents.

He said the residents’ concerns are valid sine there is always more than 1 side to a story.

He said there is validity to the claim since there are police complaint reports on this matter.

He added that Commissioner Griffith has acknowledged the existence of rogue police officers and therefore cannot dismiss the concerns of the residents who claim to be unfairly targeted.