A 62-year-old man and his 32-year-old are grateful to be alive this morning after being attacked during a robbery at their home.

Both are currently warded at the San Fernando General Hospital nursing chop wounds which they received during the robbery.

The incident reportedly took place around 2am at the family’s home in La Romain.

Both men, police said, are nursing injuries to their head and backs.

They were asleep at their home when they were awakened by a loud noise.

Upon investigating, they were confronted by three men all armed with cutlasses.

The assailants tied up the father and son – as well as the older man’s wife – and proceeded to attack the two men, while demanding that they hand over their valuables.

The men then ransacked the home as they removed several items of value, including television sets, cellular phones, computers, jewellery, and two vehicles – a Toyota Corolla and a Kia Sportage.

The assailants escaped unhindered.

The family was able to free themselves from their bonds and notified the police.

Officers from the San Fernando CID responded and the victims were taken to hospital for treatment.