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Father killed in front of sons…

crime-tapePolice are investigating the killing of a 39-year-old father who was reportedly shot and killed in front of his two sons…

The shooting took place early Monday morning in Arima.

According to police reports, around 1:30 this morning Indar Singh, of Walnut Drive, Mount Zion, Arima, was driving his Matrix vehicle, along Calvary Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Arima, when he noticed a group of men in the middle of the roadway.

Police said as Singh slowed his vehicle one of the men came up to his window, pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest.

As Singh slumped over the steering wheel his vehicle reportedly ran off the road and crashed into a nearby drain.

Singh’s two sons, Nicholas and Jason, as well as two friends were in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

They were able to call an ambulance, and get Singh out of the vehicle and unto the side of the road, however, he died just as the ambulance arrived.