Fuad Abu Bakr

Political Leader of the New National Vision, Fuad Abu Bakr

Son of Jamaat-Al-Muslimeen leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, Fuad Abu Bakr was stabbed last night in what police believes to be an during an attempted robbery.

Abu Bakr was washing his car at his Diego Martin home at around 9:40pm when he was approached by the assailant and attacked.

Fuad Abu Bakr later ran to one of his neighbours for help, while the attacker ran off.

He suffered a stab wound to his left hand and was rushed to West Shore Medical, where he received a number of stitches to the wound.

Abu Bakr spoke with News Power Now and said he was unable to get a good glimpse of the attacker.


Fuad Abu Bakr said he is thankful to be alive and is asking citizens to spread more love, in spite of a number of mishaps in life.

He is currently resting comfortably at the medical institution and is waiting on a full report from the police on the incident.