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Fiery protests as Morvant residents cry neglect

Residents in Morvant are upset with what they say is neglect of the area by the ruling administration.

This morning they held fiery protests to highlight what they say are chronic issues facing them on a daily basis.

From as early as before 6am police and fire services were on the scene of fiery protests by residents and drivers were turned away from accessing the Lady Young Road via intersection at Morvant Junction

One resident speaking on behalf of the protesters told News Power Now that one of the major issues was the lack of water in the area.

She said that the issue is quite serious and has affected several schools in the area.

She also said that the Lower Morvant Government School has been demolished for six years now and the children were located to the Church on the Rock until the school was rebuilt.

However to date work on rebuilding the school has stopped and there has been no indication when work on the school will resume.

She said another issue surrounded the employment of single mothers in the area.

She noted that while there are other issues that the residents would like addressed the main issues were the lack of water, the issues affecting schools and unemployment.

Meanwhile Local Government Councillor for the Morvant area Calypsonian Franz Lambkin is today saying one of the biggest problems a councillor faces is unplanned development in any designated area.

Speaking with News Power Now, Mr. Lambkin said residents of Pitch Road Morvant engaged in a fiery protest this morning, due to a lack of jobs as well as a poor water supply in the area.

Lambkin, who is best known as Calypsonian De Lamo said he once approached the Morvant Fire Station to lend aid with a steady water supply, but that arrangement was later stopped by a senior officer.

Lambkin highlighted that all Regional Corporations will have to wait on funding from the Ministry of Finance for work improvements to be done in an area.

He said construction work or jobs handed in an area is never a quick fix, as there are a lot of preliminary work to be done before hand.