Jack Warner FIFA vice President suspended Sunday

The FIFA ethics committee has revealed during a press conference at FIFA HQ in Zurich Switzerland today Sunday , that there is sufficient evidence to further investigate allegations of bribery involving Mohamed bin Hamman and Jack Warner, FIFA vice-President and the CONCACAF President.

FIFA has suspended the senior executives and they are provisionally excluded from all football activities whilst completely exonerating President Sepp Blatter who now stands unopposed for re-election this Wednesday.

Mohamed bin Hammam suspended

Bin Hammam withdrew his bid for election as FIFA president.

In what is considered to be the worst corruption crisis ever to rock FIFA, Warner and bin Hammam are accused of offering $40,000 bribes to delegates at a Caribbean football association meeting on May 10-11 in Trinidad.

The allegations were in an attempt to secure votes for bin Hammam, head of the Asian football confederation in his campaign to unseat Blatter.

Sepp Blatter exonerated of charges

Sepp Blatter was investigated when bin Hammam, who denied any wrongdoing, had asked the ethics panel to investigate Blatter on grounds that he knew of alleged bribe attempts and did nothing about it.

Petrus Damaseb, deputy chairman of the FIFA ethics committee said the five man panel  found no evidence to take action against Blatter, who has held a FIFA office since 1998. Regarding Warner and bin Hammam he says: “We are satisfied that there is a case to be answered”

Petrus Damaseb, deputy chairman of the FIFA ethics committee

FIFA said bin Hammam and Warner will now face a full FIFA inquiry.

If found guilty, they could be expelled from FIFA and banned for life from all football activity.

Jack Warner is a Minister of Government heading the Ministry of Works and Transport in Trinidad & Tobago.