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Finance Minister says T&T signed on with other countries in a bid to end hazardous emissions

Finance Minister says T&T signed on with other countries in a bid to end hazardous emissions

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert 5

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert has referenced the recent Paris Agreement held in New York, saying that Trinidad and Tobago has signed on with other countries in a bid to end hazardous emissions.

He said local foreign used car dealers must avert from their current trend and move toward importing fuel efficient vehicles.

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert


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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    Colm should get Atlantic LNG in our Trinidad (NOT HIS AND I AM NO IDIOT) to stop stinking up our atmosphere with sickening emissions from their giant turbines instead of worrying over vehicle emissions. I am sure cousin Clem can get all the secrecy information he wants from the LNG plant. This is causing the heavy local flooding from localised overheating in the atmosphere in Trinidad waters. Obama should also look into this. And if we want proof check the land mass down wind from all the plants in Point Lisas and same elsewhere. Thank God PNM never got to build the Aluminium Industry in T&T. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were formed in these very same Caribbean waters. Do not take my word ask the US scientist. Nevertheless God tells me that your SINS will come back to haunt you. The greedy white businessmen (TRUMP enemies) do not care about global effects by the four winds due to global warming. Thank God the Keystone pipe line and the East – West across Canada were both shelved and Alberta tar sands shutdown. In 1970s when I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto this project was shelved for environmental reasons but these greedy business men saw the oil price go from $5 to $50 plus a barrel and money (trillions of it) was on their minds. When you split the C-H bonds down the middle (as in the process they use) by spewing high pressure steam (1500 psig, 900 degF) in perforated stainless steel piping into the ground to melt the bitumen and liquidfy it from the tar you destroy everything down into the earth….you cannot use the water, grow nothing and to recover the water its a mess because the sands are clay filled so you have to poison the atmosphere as well to recover the water. Then comes the flooding as we saw in Edmonton. And the de-silting the land of its nutrients. You want to know more of this destruction …..have a look into the ammonia and methanol industries in Point Lisas more so in the front end of the process and check all the poisons they use especially in the carbon removal systems and because the plant on stream time factors are in the 80s the mess with the carbon oxides end up in the atmosphere. So Colm boy I really wonder what you are saying. Remember Manning stopped the arial pictures (showing endless land mass disappearing) and made some real jokey statements. But we know the USA was desperate and allowed it. But God doh sleep check the damages by Katrina and Sandy.