The fire at the plastic Factory along Trincity Industrial Estate has reportedly been contained by fire officers.

A release issued by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management around 3:15 today, stated while the fire had not been fully extinguished, damping down operations were ongoing.

The ODPM also assured that emergency first responder services remained on the scene.

Police had cordoned off Tissue Drive, allowing only controlled access until full sterilization of the area is completed.

The ODPM also indicated that traffic along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway is now moving steadily in both directions.

They advised persons living in close proximity to the site to stay away from the area until the blaze is fully extinguished.

Additionally, they have advised persons with air conditioning units to keep them switched off to prevent fumes from entering their homes or business places.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Rampersad his it was critical the blaze was contained the blaze to prevent further chaos.