Officers of the Chaguanas Police station’s attempt to execute a search warrant at the home of a fire officer yesterday, went all wrong when the fireman was accidentally shot in the abdomen. 32-year-old John Gilalte who is attached to the San Juan Fire Station is warded in critical but stable condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt. Hope.

Reports indicate that Gilalte was at home with his sister at around 9pm on Saturday when officers of the Chaguanas police station arrived and attempted to execute a search warrant relative to a report received. A struggle subsequently ensued between Gilalte and one of the police officers, during their attempt to arrest him. It was during that time that the officer’s service revolver was discharged and Gilalte was shot in the stomach.

He was rushed to hospital where he remains warded after having emergency surgery done. Doctors reported that several internal organs were ruptured by the bullet. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.