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Fired Angostura Exec Demands $8 Million to Walk.

Fired Angostura Exec Demands $8 Million to Walk.

The fired female executive of Angostura Holdings Limited has made it clear that she will only walk if she is paid $8 million. She was recently fired from the company after she made allegations of sexual harassment against the company’s chairman, Dr. Rolph Balgobin. The allegations surfaced in November 2016.

The Trinidad guardian reports, the executive, through her attorneys, had offered to resign by year’s end once she was paid the sum. She alleged that based on the remuneration package in her contract she would have been entitled to approximately $14 million, but because of the alleged reprisals against her she was prepared to accept the smaller sum so she would not have to go to court and pay legal fees.

She agreed to maintain confidentiality on the circumstances of her resignation and terms of her agreement with the company. However, just over one month later her offer of resignation was rejected and instead she was fired.

She was served with a termination letter dated November 29. That letter, obtained by the Sunday Guardian, was signed by Angostura’s chief executive officer Genevieve Jodhan. It detailed five major points.

In one of the points, Jodhan stated, “Despite repeated feedback and performance coaching, there has been no improvement in your performance.

“The company therefore finds (1) that your actions and omissions amount to serious misconduct; and (2) that you have demonstrated gross incompetence. As a consequence, the company has lost trust and confidence in you and/or your ability to perform effectively in your position.”

The Sunday Guardian says it obtained a document dated October 20, 2017 and signed by Ronnie Bissessar, junior counsel acting on behalf of Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, SC, Angostura was advised that “the whistleblower (referring to the former female executive) is entitled to the sum of $13,759,770.” That figure incorporated diminution in future income and benefits; loss of reputation/mental and emotional trauma, and severance benefits. According to the letter, the executive “continues to suffer catastrophic and irrevocable damage to her mental and emotional state,” her “physical health has declined and she has received counselling and medication but the general consensus is that her health and mental well-being will continue to worsen.” She would also be required to restart her professional life elsewhere.

Bissessar stated that the executive, in the interest of an early and favourable settlement, “is prepared to accept the sum of $8 million as a resignation payment.”

He further said she was prepared to resign from her position with effect from December 31, 2017, upon the execution of a release discharge and compromise agreement, which provides that she will not make any public statement touching upon or concerning her resignation and the reasons thereof, or, in relation to her employment relationship with Angostura, its chairman, directors or officers which are critical, adverse or derogatory or which may be detrimental to Angostura’s interest or the interests of its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates or holding company, its clients, employees, consultants, directors and/or officers.