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First Citizens Bank in Princess Town suffers from fire on it’s first floor.

First Citizens Bank in Princess Town suffers from fire on it’s first floor.

FireFirst Citizens Bank customers in Princes Town will have to conduct business at other branches for some time as a fire razed the first floor of the building early yesterday Sunday.

The Princes Town Fire Station was alerted to the blaze at around 4:30am, by a passerby who saw smoke emanating from the Eastern side of the building along High Street.

Fire Officers are said to have arrived within minutes, subsequently breaking the front door of the building and proceeding to extinguish the blaze before it could spread to other parts of the building.

The fire prevention team has determined that the blaze began in one of the cubicles on the first floor, but there remains no confirmed determination as to what caused it.

Crime Scene Unit was also on the scene dusting for fingerprints to determine whether foul play was involved.

FCB’s general manager of retail and commercial banking Robin Lewis said the bank is monitored remotely and their internal security contacted them at around 4.30 am to alert them of the fire.

He said the damage was limited to the operations area, adding that IT technicians did minor work on some computers on Saturday, but in an area away from where the fire began.

Mr. Lewis said there was significant damage to the inside, inclusive of a lot of smoke and soot on the top floor. He noted that there was no damage on the top floor.

A cost of damage is yet to be determined. The bank’s 30 plus employees will be redeployed to other branches in South Trinidad