Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith continued his sustained attack on crime with a weekend long police exercise which resulted in the arrest of more than 100 persons.

Over one thousand officers took part in the first Op­er­a­tion Strike Back for 2019 which began at 6AM on Friday.

138 peo­ple were ar­rest­ed, 22 drug blocks were searched and 8 guns, a va­ri­ety of am­mu­ni­tion, and quan­ti­ties of drugs were seized. Po­lice said 13 pro­hib­it­ed im­mi­grants were al­so de­tained.

The op­er­a­tion took place in all nine polic­ing di­vi­sions across the coun­try.

In a video released by the Police Service, Commissioner Griffith is seen addressing officers prior to the start of the exercise.



Speaking to the media at the conclusion of the exercise, Commissioner Griffith highlighted its benefits.



He also once again answered his critics as he praised the officers for their dedication, effort and professionalism.