President of the Claxton Bay Fisherfolk Association, Kishore Boodram, says the group has agreed to form a delegation that will seek a meeting with Energy Minister, Franklin Khan on the issue of the cost of fuel.

On December 18th, Minister Khan said the cessation of the sale of regular gasoline was necessary, as it was not feasible to import the fuel adding that the usage of regular was very low, at 8,000 -10,000 barrels per month.

Minister Khan also explained that fishermen in Trinidad use regular gas because it is heavily subsidized, being sold at $2.60 per litre, whereas super gasoline sells at $4.97 per litre while fishermen in Tobago have been using super for the last five to six years.

Speaking with News Power Now, Mr. Boodram said the group held a consultation with other fisherfolk on Saturday and it was agreed that getting a meeting with Minister Khan should be pursued.