Discussions continue on the presence and protection of refugees in Trinidad and Tobago.

Some, like Head of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Satnarayan Maharaj, feel they should seek solaceelsewhere.

He was quoted in an article in the Guardian Newspaper as saying that he did not believe that the country had the capacity to accommodate any more citizens, and had no interest in assisting people seeking refuge here from other countries.

Others, like Public Relations officers of the Group Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago Imtiaz Mohammed feel differently.

In the same article, he was quoted as saying that at a meeting with the Prime Minister in March at the Diplomatic Center he asked the Dr. Keith Rowley to consider enacting laws that would protect refugees in the country.

He said that a similar request was made of the Attorney General however according to Mohammed there has been no response.

Speaking this morning with News Power Now Minister in the Ministry of the attorney General Fitzgerald Hinds revealed that while everyone seems to have opinions, T&T has signed on to protocols with international body, the United Nations.

He said that persons who are interested in refugee status can contact the Living Waters, which has been established as their agent.