The Ministry of Communications, issued a media release last evening in which it indicated that there was a steady flow of applicants during the morning period at the Port of Spain and San Fernando locations and to lesser extent in Tobago as the registration process for Venezuelan migrants got underway on Friday.

It added that generally, the Registration Process went smoothly, except for some challenges with accessing of forms online, but this issue was rectified and registration continued at all centers unabated.

However, reports coming from several daily newspapers contradicted the Ministry’s account of the day’s proceedings. Indicating that the process was anything but smooth as there was what has been described as a mix up with the registration forms as well as difficulties in accessing the website for obtaining same.

There were also reports that many migrants were thrown into panic as the registration forms were prepared in English and required responses in English.

Seeking clarification on this issue News Power contacted Acting Minister of Communications, Fitzgerald Hinds.

Minister Hinds gave the assurance that things are progressing well at all registration centers.