Watchdog group, Fixin T&T is calling on the Prime Minister to remove Sport Minister, Darryl Smith pending the outcome of a thorough, transparent and independent investigation into the sexual harassment allegations.

In a media statement also referencing what it called the Government’s “disappointing hands-off approach” concerning the sexual harassment allegations levelled against Government appointed Angostura Chairman Dr. Rolph Balgobin, Fixin T&T accused the Government of continuing to demonstrate its insensitivity and lack of commitment to effectively treating with women’s issues.

It noted that Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and Minister Stuart Young have sought to justify the alleged use of public funds to settle a matter in which there is a non-disclosure agreement and have refused to answer questions as to whether Sport Minister Darryl Smith is named in the matter.

The group is also calling on Dr. Rowley to instruct the Attorney General to immediately publicise the details of the NDA as taxpayer’s money was allegedly misused