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Flag at Presentation College Chaguanas being flown at half-mast over tragic passing of past student, Ravindra Ramrattan…

Ravi Ramrattan 2

Ravindra Ramrattan

Presentation College Chaguanas on Monday observed a moment of silence for past student Ravindra Ramrattan, who died tragically in Kenya this weekend.

The flag at the school is also being flown at half-mast.

Principal of the college, Gary Ribero, in an interview with News Power Now, said the passing of the 2002 President Medal Gold winner was shocking.

ravindra-ramrattan (1)

pic of a younger Ravindra Ramrattan

He said a photo has also been mounted at the school in memory of Ramrattan.

According to Ramrattan’s “LinkedIn” Social network profile, he worked as a Research Economist and was Head of the Centre for Branchless Banking @FSDK (Financial Sector Deepening, Kenya)

Previously he worked as a consultant at the World Bank…

Ramrattan’s friends have created a facebook page called “Remembering Ravindra Ramrattan”

Kenya Update….


Civilians (woman and children) sheltering inside the mall…

Kenyan security forces have launched an assault on the Westgate shopping complex in the capital Nairobi in an attempt to break the two-day siege.

Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said in a tweet that security forces were now in control of all floors in the building.

The official death toll now stands at 62 and more than 170 have been injured.