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Football player Barry Roget died from “brain contusion” ….post mortem…

Police investigatingA post mortem result indicates that 22-year-old Barry Roget, of La Brea, died from “brain contusion” following a clash of heads during a football game.

The incident occurred on Sunday last during the opening match of the La Brea Football League at Guss Logie Recreation Ground, Sobo Village.

Roget, the nephew of Oilfield Workers Trade Union president general Ancil Roget, contested an aerial ball with opposing goalkeeper, Terrence Lious, when their heads butted.

Roget was rushed to the Point Fortin Area Hospital from where he was transferred to San Fernando General where he subsequently died.

According to a hospital source a CT scan was done upon arrival, but it showed no injuries.

San Fernando General Hospital has been functioning without a Neuro- surgeon for several years.