Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister, Dennis Moses, has revealed that he was never consulted nor was any submission made to him on the matter surrounding what took place at the March 23rd meeting of the Organisation of American States with respect to Dominica’s request for a waiver of its financial contribution for 2018 to 2019.

In his report to the Prime Minister, Minister Moses said that within the Ministry there is a standard procedure in the handling of such matters. This, he said, involves receiving requests for direction from Heads of foreign mission.

His letter outlined the process, saying that at no stage on this issue was any information brought to his attention.

The Prime Minister also read from a letter coming from the Acting Permanent Secretary at the ministry, in which this person took responsibility for failing to communicate with the Minister on the matter in question.

The Prime Minister read extensively from these pieces of correspondence in the file sent to him on the matter, at his request, during today’s post-Cabinet news briefing.

The Ministry has described as a misrepresentation, this country’s position, in which Ambassador to the OAS, retired Vice-Chief of Defence Staff, said this country could not support Dominica’s request for a waiver of fees to the hemispheric body. It turned out that we were the only country to have voted against the request.

And after having read from the correspondences sent to him on the matter, the Prime Minister said he would forward the matter for further Expert Review, to retired diplomat Ambassador Christopher Thomas.